Monday, September 20, 2010

List of Current Needs per request:

· Patio and walk way for women’s ministry entrance from outside
· Upgraded electrical for women’s shelter
· Patch walls and ceilings for womens shelter (after electrical upgrade)
· Paint walls in women’s shelter (after electrical upgrade)
· New flooring in womens’ shelter (just cement now)
· Fix chimney for women’s shelter before winter
· Anyone with a time share home they don’t use much that would be a good place to take the kids during holidays or school breaks, donating a day or a few days or a week would be much helpful!

· Anyone who wants to come help the kids with their homework after school and form a relationship with them is most welcome.

· Any group wanting to do a fundraising for FHM for things like pajamas for kids ages 5-17, boys and girls, we could use that in our attic shop for when kids show up with nothing but clothes on their backs; likewise we always need toothbrushes for such occasions.

· Anyone with gently used clothes for boys and girls ages 5-12 we can use them in the attic shop for kids that show up with nothing but clothes on their backs, shoes as well.


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