Sunday, October 18, 2009

October 18--Hallelujah!

We have a wonderful plumber donating time so we can get our interior plumbing inspection on October 26th! Thank you Waterboyz for finding one for us and THANK YOU J.R. for being so kind.

We need continued prayer that HVAC finishes their work this week, October 19-23rd, so that we can get our framing and mechanical inspection October 27th and then insulate as soon as the inspection is over (and passes). Our goal is to insulate as soon as possible and do the soffits so the rain gutters can be installed and then start the drywall. We need more time or men for the siding installation but the siding is here. Without outside help the siding will have to wait until after the house is buttoned up and drywall finished and first floor painted because we have limited men and our goal is to move upstairs to the first floor by November 16 or 23. We need to be buttoned up as we have no heat now and it is cold!

After that, we need to get the roof on the porch and overhang and install the siding (all material here now). We also need to do trimming for all the first floor and window sills for all the new windows, after we are living ont he first floor. We do not have that material yet.

The Waterboyz are coming in a group November 6 and 7 to get the drywall on the first floor complete and then finished and then a woman's ministry is coming to help paint the first floor so if we pass inspections we will be ready to move upstairs by the 16th most likely, 23rd for sure.

We will save up for trimming and flooring for the second story and finish it as soon as possible so we can move up there and start the ministries! Money is tight and we need more material then we have money for but we have enough to get moved to the first floor.

Meanwhile, we need prayer for no rain so the mason can finish the chimney extension and other brick word needing work. Drywall is being supplied at their cost, thank you Capital Building Supply!

So, we are moving on up (well hopefully by the end of November)! Thank you for all your prayers and support!



Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Still need Plumbing Help--

October 6th--We got our mason! He is extending our chimney this week and will help with all the loose bricks from the construction; what a blessing! We could really use a plumber for even just a couple hours, to help out our plumber who works on Saturdays. We are trying to get the plumbing inspection in two weeks so we can get closed in and have heat working by the end of November as it is getting colder and we are living in the basement. We can move to the first floor as soon as the plumbing and framing inspection is done and the insulation and drywall is complete.

The next anticipated big construction gathering is October 17th. We are hooking up to the water line this week and will be working on siding and rain gutters and making the windows airtight.

Our big prayer is for a plumber and men to help us so we can move upstairs and we need to raise money for the insulation and drywall. We need prayer for the HVAC company to be able to come finish their work soon so we can get heat working in three weeks or so. Thank you for all your prayers!!