Saturday, June 19, 2010

June 18 2010 photos--

We are very close to finishing; just need a couple things to get the final inspection, grading the yard and some painting of the trim both inside and outside. We hope to take kids in August and then work on the electrical and flooring for the women’s shelter. Upstairs we have seven beds to fill; one room with two twin beds for female teens, one bedroom with three beds for whomever but is designated the boys room if we get boys and one girl room with two beds for girls and then Faith’s room so if every bed is full we will have eight kids.

The inside is still a work in progress but close to being finished. After we get the final permit allowing occupancy we can unpack everything from storage and finish each room. I will send photos of the interior when that happens; probably end of July-some time in August. When everything is done we will have a large bbq for everyone involved in the house in some way--there have been so many wonderful people supporting FHM through the long process! We are forever grateful for all the love and support.

Blessings to all,