Saturday, April 28, 2012

April 28, 2012

I re-did Faith Home Ministries website.  Now it will be easier to update.

Long Overdue Post!!

November 2011

I said I would write about this incredible charitable contribution and here it is........(better late than never).

Audi, USA donated an Audi A6 to Faith Home ministries in November! David and I flew to Ingolstadt, Germany to "receive" the car and tour the very nice Audi Forum and factory to see Audi's being made. It was an incredible week in Germany and Prague (we had to drive the car somewhere and Prague was close). We drove the car off site and enjoyed it for several days in the Czech Republic and beautiful Bavaria, Germany (truly stunning). David got to drive it on the autobahn--the car goes FAST! Then we returned the car in Munich where we flew home and it was shipped to us. It came a couple days after Christmas. The Audi A6 is one of the top five safest cars for 2012. We are very blessed and continue to be amazed by Audi's incredible generosity--THANK YOU AUDI!!!! What an incredible opportunity to see the Czech Republic and Bavaria, Germany that we didn't think would happen until after retirement! Below are photos from the trip (click on photos for enlarged view).