Thursday, November 4, 2010

Update-November 4th 2010

Hi everybody. I am working on setting up a seperate page for photos or posting them here soon. I have some of the kids (faces obscured) to post. Things are busy here so it is on hold for now.

We have two teenage girls in the house now, one just came yesterday. Their situation is such that we are focussing our attention and time on them right now and putting the finishing construction of the women's ministry on hold until they are settled and all their needs met. We anticipate starting that construction again in the Spring.

Please pray for our family and household as we are working hard to meet their special needs. God brought them both here and we love them dearly and it is a wonderful fit but complex issues for both that require a lot of prayer; for healing and God's will with them since family members are involved. One will be staying forever and the other one is still being decided.

Thank you so much! We need your prayers as we are demolishing strongholds here!!