Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Wow, my last post was November 4th and it is January now. That is amazing. I continue to be so busy meeting the needs of all the girls (and graduate school), but I will work on the photo uploads when I get some free time (preferably before February!) We have such cute photos of the kids, some that came and went but I never posted.

I was told to re-post our current needs so here you are:

List of Current Needs January 2011
  • Anyone with a time share or regular vacation home they don't use much that they can donate for a few days or a week that would be a good place to take kids during school breaks and summer, would be most welcome! It has proven to be very expensive providing lodging with at least two beddrooms and a kitchen and this will limit any vacations. We took the girls for two days and one night over Christmas break and can't imagine staying longer and going somewhere even in the mountains during summer.
  • Patio and walk way for women's ministry entrance from outside
  • Upgraded electrical for women's shelter (hoping to start in Spring)
  • Patch walls and ceilings for women shelter after electrical upgrade
  • Paint walls in women shelter
  • Fix chimney for women's shelter
  • Fireplace insert for women's shelter
  • Thank you everyone for your donation of clothes! We could use snow clothes and boots that are gently used for ages 5-17.
  • Also:
  • Any group wanting to do a fundraising for FHM for things like pajamas and toothbrushes for kids ages 5-17 that show up with nothing but the clothes on their backs would be very helpful.
  • Any money donated will be used toward these needs and the children will be richly blessed. It was so wonderful to see how happy they were during Christmas and thank you all for thinking of the children!

God bless you all for all your thoughts and prayers and charity towards Faith Home Ministries!

David and Cheryl