Monday, March 29, 2010

Prayer Requests!

We are working hard to be able to move upstairs and be finished April 17. ( and get all our permits including Occupancy April 12-16). Please pray for our plumber who keeps having scheduling conflicts as we need him to finish his work by this Friday to get our final plumbing permit Monday.

Please pray the other contractors have the time and good weather to finish their work as well so that we can move upstairs April 17, Lord willing of course.

Thank you! We really need prayers for workers to come and finish; plumber, electrician, carpenters, siding installers and rain gutters.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Week of March 29th

I want to thank everyone who showed up last Saturday for the trim painting party. We got a lot done and are very grateful! However, there is still a lot of trim to finish before the hardwood floor is installed this Saturday, April 3rd. Anyone who has time and wants to paint during the week, day or evening, come join me. I know a couple people who will come during the day for a few hours and my husband has Wednesday or Thursday off to paint, paint, paint. He will put in an hour or two in the evenings as well. Just give us a call or email to let us know you will be coming.



Sunday, March 14, 2010

March 20-Saturday paint day

Saturday we are having a gathering to work on finishing the painting of the house. Some walls need a second coat, some a first, and there are a lot of doors and trim to paint. We have invited our church and some people from other churches that have been helping us some Saturdays. Come one come all but RSVP please as we need a head count to provide enough brushes and food to feed everyone. Bring any paintbrushes you have but we will have some extras here.

We are trying to move upstairs (we are living in the basement still) in four weeks and if we can get the siding and rain gutter guys to finish before then we just might make it. The month of February put it all to a stop and now they are busy fixing people's broken rain gutters etc.

We have to finish the deck rails to get our Occupancy permit too so anyone interested let us know but we have someone who will be working on that soon; anyone can join him though.

So we are moving along! The tile is done and plumbing will be done in one more days work and electrical is being worked on next week. Thanks for the prayers everyone, and all the support and helping hands.

TO RSVP: 301-528-8505 or