Thursday, November 19, 2009

Current Needs--November 19

Current Needs:
People who can help us even if just for a few hours:
· Painters
· Carpenter
· Plumber
· Mason

· Someone to help fix our driveway and provide more parking spaces

Almost all the drywall is done. Currently we are working on sanding and priming the drywall, to be ready for painting. We could use help painting after November 21, 2009.

Plumber—The plumber has so much work to do and works Saturdays only so anybody who is a plumber and wants to come be a part of a blessed project and work with a fun, great christian man, come join us Saturdays or any time you have, during the week. We need to be hooked up to the new water line from the street, cap off our well water for outdoor use only and then hook up all the faucets and toilets.
Mason-- We need of a mason to fix the brick where windows were installed and the bricks had to be cut.
We also have a need for a window installer to retro fit a new window in an existing bath where there is tile. It is the last window needing to be installed.
Carpenter—We have two landings with roofs and a front porch portico to install, plus deck rails to complete a screened in porch. We will need help installing the hardwood floor towards the end as well.

We are all working every Saturday and guys are usually here during the week. Just give us a call or email me at , 301-528-8505 to let me know

Thursday, November 12, 2009

All inspections approved!

We are insulating now and tomorrow and Friday is the big drywall install. Thanks for everyone's prayers!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Updated Progress Report November 11 2009

We got our WSSC Approval for plumbing close in and are finishing electrical work today. Tomorrow am will be electrical, mechanical and framing inspection. We are praying that goes well so that we can start insulating the first floor after approval. The insulation was delivered this morning.

Friday and Saturday, Nov 13 and 14 are drywall installation days. Anyone who wants to come help join the wonderful crew is welcome! Then a crew will do the finishing and someone has volunteered to do the painting via spray gun.

We are hoping to install first floor hardwood floor November 21st and are searching the best way to go about this. Please keep our flooring needs in your prayers; for God's great provision and perfect timing for our first floor flooring.

Thank you!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nov 1st--Getting ready for drywall

This is a busy week! With God's grace and perfect timing and provision we will have our plumbing, framing and electrical inspection pass and have the first floor insulated by Thursday evening. Friday, November 6th the Waterboyz, wonderful group of christian men, are coming with drywall and tools to install drywall. They will work the 7th as well and come back the following weekend to paint. They are helping us work hard to get the first floor livable while we save up for material to finish the second story. We just might be out of the basement by the end of November! Thank you everyone for all your help; especially the plumbers helping us make it to inspection on such short notice. A few different plumbers have offered to pitch in; this is a big house with a lot of plumbing needs! More later. Meanwhile, keep praying for God's perfect timing and provision so we can start the ministries in His perfect timing. Thanks!