Monday, February 19, 2018

Things have been busy


Please forgive the silence for so long. One of the girls has a significant health issue with correlating disabilities so things have slowed down in regards to taking more children.  We are down to two teenagers in the home and that is keeping me pretty busy!!!  I also went back to grad school (and graduated July, 2017) to get my Master of Social Work as one of the next steps for the ministry is establishing Faith Home Ministries homes nation-wide.  This will take much time, effort, research, planning, and resources that do not exist at present, in order to make this dream a reality.

More update later.  Our website mistakenly went down and we have to rebuild it so our website is currently a work in progress as we piecemeal our old website with the new website format.  I just realized I need to post pictures of the Costa Rica trip with the girls (from June and July, 2015) too; such great times!  More later.

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